Hi, I am Divya Gupta. I am an artist and sculptor from India and studied design from NIFT and NID. I am passionately in love with art and design. It is my soul food :) Since childhood painting and sketching used to occupy my hours. I have dabbled in oil paints, acrylics and most recently watercolours. I have done few pieces in pencils and pastels also. As a designer I have trained in jewellery design with a reputed company in India. I have also done freelance work as an illustrator. I have done ceramic and glass workshops during my time in NID. In glass I have worked with mainly glass slumping technique and ceramics mostly hand building and surface manipulation. For the past several years I have immersed my self into the world of one-of-a-kind mixed media polymer clay sculptures and this blog is mainly about that. This medium allows me to play with variety of materials and challenges me to learn several skills which I find stimulating and exciting. My artistic aim is to be able to represent the vision in my mind as realistically as possible, and this medium allows me to do so in three dimensional physical sculpture. I don't think it can get any better than this for us artists. I consider myself at intermediate skill level as I am only some 30 sculpts old. There are so many wonderful and talented artists around who inspire me to strive for better results and through this blog I am trying to document my progress as my skills develop. I hope you will enjoy my journey as well and that some of my creations will bring smile to your face :) Do drop a line here in comments!!

If you are an budding sculptor and need help you can contact me with your query. I will try and help as much as I can.

If you are a collector and interested in purchasing my art feel free to contact me. I sometimes put up auctions on eBay so keep an eye out for them. If a piece you are eyeing does not go on auction you can contact me as it may be available for sale. I am also open to commissions.

You can email me at "sapphiraa @ "   (please remove space and quotes-they are just an anti-spam caution)

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