Monday, February 18, 2013

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Sapphire Fantasy Arts

Sapphire Fantasy Arts
Testing out new watercolors and paper, post processed in Photoshop.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

From the dark side.... WIP 31#

Wish all my readers a very Happy New Year :)

I want to share the current sculpt I am working on ( a little lazy in posting here).

Armature (Steel wires, brass tubes, magic sculpt and epoxy resin)

Head sculpted and painted
A (small) blurp on modular Armatures~
I made a modular armature for this sculpt. If you are going.."Eh?? Modular what??" let me explain:
A modular armature is one which allows to dissemble armature/sculpture pieces. It usually has torso part in one piece along with removable head, wrists/arm, leg/feet pieces. To construct such an armature you will need metal tubing (in case the material you are working with needs to be baked, besides metal provides good strength) that fits snugly onto your core armature wire.
For this sculpt I have her head and wrist pieces removable.
If you wish to learn more about it, Natasha of Morezmore has a good tutorial on how to construct modular armature.
You may want to ask why all the bother? It makes life easier! as simple as that!
You can work on your removable pieces separately. You don't have to deal with the other parts of sculpture blocking your way, getting messed due to over handling or in general making life  a misery ( ;) ). Also, if like me you series bake, modular armature allows you to control the number of bakes your pieces go through. I always bake each stage to prescribed baking time recommended by the clay manufacturer. Therefore I am always wary of over-baking my sculpture. Modular armature allows you bake them separately.
And as a cherry on the cake, it also allows you  to paint them separately (which means more details with less struggle, and much much less severe back ache :D ).

Torso 'almost' done!
I am almost done with her hands and base. Will share soon!!
Is it a witch? a spell caster? a gothic fairy? Watch this space to find out.