Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bust/Head Sculpt for colg...

I am doing this for a prototyping class in college, so far have roughened out the features...refining will take some time...might alter her look too...but I like what I have so far will try and preserve.
This is Super Sculpey mixed with bit of black Fimo coz I dont have grey sculpey and they say it is easier to see detail in grey thought will give it a try and yes grey color helps a lot in visibility. I must say 'hats off' to all ooak doll artists who make amazing sculpts in flesh colored clay (including me....evil grin ^___^ )

Friday, October 10, 2008

#26 and #27

I have mixed up new batch of clay...I actually prepared too made my palms ache for days :(
any ways hopefully this clay will be put to some gud work soon...

Here is what I did with prosculpt mix:-

#26 will be a 7" sculpt and #27 will be 8" sculpt, both are larger than my previous ones which are 6 to 6.5"...
here are some pics for size comparison...even a inch makes whole lot of difference.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mermaid#2 Sculpt#25 6"

Pics dont do her much justice, very beautiful in person!!
Love her :D
Quite happy with this one. Puppen is God send clay I must say :)

Baby Ray #4 Sculpt#24 2+"

After all the trials and agony, a baby is here ;)
I am joyous, finally a baby sculpt that dsnt look alien :D

Belly dancer#2 sculpt#23 6.5"

The long awaited photo shoot finally happened. After shifting home yet to find a comfortable corner for taking pics, still no studio box :( need to find a carton of that size. But somehow got over some inertia. Though the pics are not fabulous but I guess they will do. Not very happy with how this one turned out though, something bothers me. Symmetry is one, I guess costume also I am not very happy with. Still she is finished!! :D