Sunday, July 15, 2012

New Beginnings

Hi, a big wave to everyone!! :)

I have been dabbling with paints for past month or so. I mainly picked up paints again because there are so many fantastic ideas in my head which can be portrayed best on 2-d canvas. But before that I need to brush up my skills. I have always been afraid of paints but 'to be able to paint proficiently' is one of my 'to-do things in this lifetime'. So hop on as I start on this new journey and struggle to teach myself to paint :)
I am starting with acrylics as a medium for now as it is easy to clean up mess with them and they dry faster than oil ( too fast actually). As I am playing around with them I am taking help from the Old Masters i.e. painting from their paintings. This gives me an opportunity to look more closely at the nuances of color play in their masterful works. Though I do not hope to achieve their mastery but it helps eliminate a lot of compositional decisions and I can focus on how to handle the paint. Right now it feels more like tackling! ;)
Here is a recent one I did after Charles Edward Perugini. It was a gift for my most dearest sis.


I am pretty much satisfied with this one as I could see a lot of improvement from my previous attempts and I finally figured a way to deal with too-fast drying time of acrylics.
If you are going to use opaque techniques it is best to prime your surface to make it less absorbent. This in itself increases working time a bit (unfortunately there is never 'a lot' with acrylics). Another thing that helps is mixing at least three value color strings when smooth blending is required.
That is, say you want to add green to the dress-mix a middle green, a cool dark green, and a warm light green for gradation.

You can see my shabby easel in this pic. The poor thing is almost a decade old.